First and foremost, Happy Veteran’s Day weekend to all our heroes who make this country such a tremendous place to live! What incredible lives we’re able to lead here in America because of the brave souls who’ve given us the opportunity to be free. Want to pay it forward to our service men and women who could use our help? The below link offers some easy ways to assist our nation’s homeless veterans- any time of the year- as a way of sharing your appreciation.

A Helping Hand to Homeless Veterans

Because of Veteran’s Day, I was fortunate enough to have Friday off from work, so I got to attend one of my favorite events of the year, which is put on by the local Junior League. It’s a pre-holiday market jam-packed with small businesses from near and far who are eager to help me check things off my Christmas list. Well, well, well… I definitely did tha. The ladies always put on a great event and this year surely did not disappoint. Did I intend to by 13 easy-to-clean grill mats? No, but I did… so, grill mats for everybody!

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area and are free tomorrow (Sunday), I highly recommend you go if you’re a gal with a Christmas list as long as mine. Whether you’re checking off family members and friends or looking to treat yo’self, I guarantee you’ll be able to find something that catches your eye. Let me be more helpful: Buy your tickets here now! Also, did I mention it’s a fundraiser for the group (which is officially a 501(c)3)? Well it is, so now you can feel better about spending your dollars. Welcome!

More things I’ve done on this glorious long weekend? 1) Tried a new coffee shop. 2) Found multiple rockin’ yard sales in my little ‘hood. 3) Did some shopping for a little winter getaway coming up next month. More on that later 🙂 AND, it’s only Saturday! What are your favorite weekend to-do’s?

Okay guys well, it appears my house won’t clean itself, unfortunately, so I’m off to put in some ‘werk. Cheers, happy weekend everyone!


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