Monday Blues? Nah.

Happy Monday, y’all; I hope you had a great holiday weekend! I know I did. I crammed it full of so many fabulous things that I spent last evening trying to put my mind back into the work-mode frame. Do you guys ever experience the below?


🙂 How do you deal? I always do meal prep and outfit planning on Sunday evenings as a last-ditch effort of creativity before I dive head-first into the work week. That way too, I’m prepared for whatever the crazy week throws at me by 1) having something tasty always at my fingertips so Hangry Heidi doesn’t visit and 2) never standing in my closet dumbfounded first thing in the morning trying to find something to wear. Sometimes I have to be smarter than myself, just a little bit…. I also try to always pick out a few things that I’m really looking forward to each week so I have little pick-me-ups on hand if necessary.

Sundays are my favorite day of the week and, even though I make an effort to see the sunshine in every day, there’s just somethin’ about a Sunday.  What ways do you make the transition between weekends and the work week easier?

I hope yours if off to a happy start. Until next time my dears, CHEERS!



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